The Royal Enfield Himalayan adventure bike gets several updates for 2021. Most of the changes aren’t too extreme, but there is a new navigation system that will be welcome for many riders.

The Himalayan now has the same turn-by-turn Tripper nav system that debuted on the Meteor cruiser. It’s based on Google Maps; see a demonstration in the video below:

The Himalayan’s navigation system is designed to integrate with Bluetooth-enabled helmet communicators and mobile devices.

What else is new on the 2021 machine? Royal Enfield has done some re-jigging of the rear rack, as well as the racks on each side of the tank. Some riders were complaining it was hard to swing their leg over the rear rack, so Royal Enfield lowered it. Similar ergonomic problems presented themselves with the gas tank rank/crash bars; taller riders said their knees were getting jammed up into the racks, so Royal Enfield tweaked the positioning.

Royal Enfield also added a new, taller windscreen, for more weather protection. Royal Enfield also changed the seat foam to a more comfortable material. There are also new paint job choices.

However, Royal Enfield did not mess with the Himalayan’s engine—it’s still the same air-cooled 410 cc single, with around 24 horsepower. There’s no word about updates to the bike’s running gear either; it should have the same brakes, wheels, suspension and frame for 2021. Although, if there’s a problem, Royal Enfield is certainly willing to do on-the-fly improvements to the line. It’s done small upgrades to the Himalayan in the past like this, without waiting for a big model overhaul.

The updated Royal Enfield should be in European and North American markets at some point over the next few months, but given the company’s relatively sparse dealer network in some areas, it might be a while before you see these bikes in person.

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