The Indian moto-press holds perhaps the most franatic examples of its profession in the world. Wild rumors are constantly flying, and the latest is that Royal Enfield is planning to cancel its 500 single-cylinder line. To put that in perspective, it’s like Harley-Davidson canceling its air-cooled EVO Sportster line. Could it be true?

No—at least that’s what the reps at the IMS show are saying. They did speak broadly in terms of the line evolving though, so who knows what Royal Enfield could be cooking?

Royal Enfield’s reps also wanted to point out that all the wishful fans who keep asking for a parallel twin in the Himalayan adventure bike chassis are going to be disappointed, as the chassis was quite clearly designed for the Himalayan’s 410 cc engine, not the big 650 parallel twin that RE slotted into the Continental GT and Interceptor retro bikes.

However, Royal Enfield’s US dealers would most likely welcome a new 650 model, or even just more examples of the current Continental GT and Interceptor twins, as they sold out in 2019.

So, maybe Royal Enfield will ship more examples overseas in 2020. Otherwise, it’s the same lineup for next season, with some new paint schemes and no doubt a few minor tweaks to things that Royal Enfield decided were worth fixing. Although its bikes have gotten better, some of the machines have been getting little updates here and there since debut, as Royal Enfield will occasionally fix niggly issues without making a lot of public fuss.

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