So you are a motorcycle manufacturer and you want to show your products off in a new country.  But it’s early and you don’t have as many dealerships in the new country as you do at home.  So how can you show off your product?  That’s Royal Enfield’s dilemma for its Thailand market.

The Indian motorcycle manufacturer has come up with some rather out of the box thinking to show their machines off.  They bring their product to people in two-story modular mobile showrooms made from shipping containers.

Because the showroom is made out of shipping containers, the whole showroom can be easily configured in essentially any way Royal Enfield chooses.  Once set up, the containers can be disassembled and moved when desired.

modular showroom royal enfield

Royal Enfield’s shipping container-based modular showroom provides plenty of space and capability.


Royal Enfield’s modular showroom is a far cry from those which you might find at motorcycle shows.  It’s a well-equipped showroom with space for motorcycle displays, parts, and accessories.  From the pictures Royal Enfield has made available, the modular structure seems ready to support anything a “normal” dealer may do.

The current mobile showroom is presently in Chiang Rai, Thailand.  Although Royal Enfield has a presence in Thailand, it is nowhere close to the network it has in India.  The modular showroom makes it easy for the brand to show off its product line.  That’s an asset particularly in an area where you do not have the usual support available.

It’s clear that Royal Enfield has extensive plans to grow.  Recently, Royal Enfield CEO Vinod Dasari announced that the brand will be rolling out at least one new model each quarter for the new two to three years.  It seems that these mobile showrooms may just be another means to show their product to the world.



All photo credit: Royal Enfield


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