Royal Enfield seems to be putting a renewed effort into promoting its Himalayan bike, with a new short film series debuting on YouTube. This new Epic Ride series saw its first episode debut in late October—see below.

The official tagline for this jaunt: “6 strangers embark on a trip of a lifetime in Alaska. Treacherous weather, friendships formed and memories to last a lifetime and all on two wheels.”

It’s certainly a different approach than the grim-faced derring-do seen on so many other marketing videos, with rally racing pros braaaaapppping their way across Baja, or Iceland, or the Kalahari. Looking at this crew of Royal Enfield riders, it seems most of them are babes in the woods, at least when it comes to adventure riding. There are no truly sketchy riding situations here, unless you count the spin on the tipover-prone vintage Honda three-wheeler around the 7-minute mark. Nobody ends up sleeping in a dangerous campsite, unless you count the hostel with mushroom-inspired hippy art.

But, that’s OK. Not everyone wants the sort of trip where you need a Ruger Blackhawk under your pillow in case of bears, and you return with with skidmarks all through your Joe Boxers, thanks to poor routing decisions. Royal Enfield’s Himalayan emphasizes the “travel” part of “adventure travel,” and that’s exactly what many customers are looking for. The retro styling is just a bonus.

However, if you do want bold adventure, note that Royal Enfield is also playing in that space, with its planned journey to the South Pole. Stay tuned on that trip, and on this Epic Rides YouTube series, because it looks like Royal Enfield is finally making an effort to promote its small-cc ADV bike by doing interesting things with the machines.

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