Royal Enfield owners are about to get their own special club. At least, that’s the plan for Europe.

On the company’s UK website, you can see a page dedicated to the new Royal Enfield Riders Club. The plan is to launch the new club on April 1 (an ominous date, but this certainly looks like a legit plan, not some sort of gag). So what does this plan actually consist of? As per Royal Enfield’s marketeers, it’s “A new pan-European platform designed to cultivate community interaction and shared brand experiences.” Translation: Royal Enfield wants to build brand loyalty and dedication to its machines, the same way that Harley-Davidson, Ducati, and BMW have done.

What will riders do with this new club? Royal Enfield says there will be a program of local rides, community meet-ups and members-only events organized by the individual branches of the Riders Club. And then, the marketing gets laid on a little too thick: “True to Royal Enfield’s brand ethos, a strong focus will be placed on developing memorable experiences that go beyond time spent simply on the motorcycle – carefully curating the journey, the destination and the memory will be the three central pillars to such rides and activities.” A “curated” experience? Pleeeease. We aren’t talking about an AirBnB trip through wine country here. Or are we? … Whatever the case is, it sounds like Royal Enfield is going to go to some effort to ensure these are fun events, and that’s what the website should say, instead of pretentious hipsterisms.

Aside from those carefully curated experiences, Royal Enfield also says the club will emphasize grassroots community engagement, “to raise awareness and support for core charity partnerships across Europe.” Royal Enfield says its annual One Ride event  will be a big part of this plan. As well, there will be exclusive event hospitality for Riders Club members at trade shows, etc., and showroom previews for new model releases. Royal Enfield also promises “Direct access to all activities organised by Royal Enfield’s carefully curated collection of third party experiential partners – including national and international tours and rentals, single or multi-day training days and unique rides and events.” There’s that C-word again. Apparently Royal Enfield is very worried about un-curated activities.

Membership to the new club is free of charge for the first year for all existing and new Royal Enfield owners. in Europe. We haven’t heard of a similar program for North America yet. For more details, visit the Royal Enfield website here and here, and be prepared to be curated.

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