After much delay, Royal Enfield looks ready to launch its all-new Meteor 350 model.  The Indian brand will now release the bike on November 6th.

There is still quite a bit of conjecture about the new machine.  Several outlets report “leaked information” about some of the machine’s parameters along with “leaked” photos.   Drivespark seems to have a wealth of information about what the bike might have.

Meteor – new design

They claim that the bike will be an all-new in-house developed model.  The Meteor 350 will have “retro” styling with bobber style design elements.  It will utilize the company’s J platform with an all-new chassis design.  The bike will feature a larger sculpted fuel tank and round headlight, taillight, and turn signal indicators.

Meteor Automobili Infiniti

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 “leaked images” from Automobili Infiniti.  Photo credit: Automobili Infiniti

The bike’s powertrain is also all-new.  It will use a new engine based on the current 350cc unit construction engine (UCE).  But the new powerplant will feature an all-new overhead cam set up in place of the current 346cc air-cooled old tech pushrod system.  It will likely be BS6-compliant and will make about 20hp and 20 lb-ft of torque.  Drivespark says that the new engine will be more refined, have better fuel efficiency, and more performance than the current UCE engine.

Meteor Automobili Infiniti

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 “leaked images” from Automobili Infiniti.  Photo credit: Automobili Infiniti

However, not all of the bike will be brand new.  Its 5-speed transmission, suspension, and braking components will likely be borrowed from other Royal Enfield models.  Ultimately, the bike will have a telescopic fork, twin rear shocks, and disc brakes both front and rear.

Three variants

Interestingly, another outlet, Rushlane, says that the Meteor will be available in three variants.  The variants will be called the Fireball, Stellar, and Supernova.  Each will have Bluetooth connectivity and a dual pod semi-digital instrument cluster.  The dash will provide more information than current generation Royal Enfield bikes.  The displayed information includes an odometer, trip meter, low fuel warning, low battery warning, gear indicator, turn signal indicator operation, high beam operation, ABS status, and a fuel bar graph.


Rushlane’s leaked Meteor 350 intro documents.  Image credit:  Rushlane

The three variants will also be available with a slate of different color choices and accessories.  The Fireball receives a single color tank, body graphics and decals, colored rim tape, blacked-out components, and an engine with machined cooling fins. In keeping with its “firey” moniker, the Fireball will be available in yellow and red.

Rushlane Meteor

The different color options of the three Meteor variants.  Image credit: Rushlane

The Stellar variant will come with “body color components,” premium badges, and a slew of chrome-finished parts.  It also gets a backrest for pillion riders.  Available colors include Metallic Red, Metallic Black, and Metallic Blue.

The Supernova will be the Meteor’s top-spec machine.  It will receive premium two-tone paint, premium seat upholstery, a windscreen, chrome indicators, machined wheels, and turn by turn navigation.  The Supernova comes complete with your choice of brown or blue two-tone paint schemes.

Meteor 350 instrument pod.

The Meteor 350 will have a combination of digital and analog displays.  Image credit: Rushlane.

Meteor replaces Thunderbird lineup

When it becomes available, the Meteor is slated to replace the brand’s long-lived Thunderbird line-up.  That’s a tall order since the outgoing model has a large audience of cult-like followers.  The new machine will have competition in the form of bikes such as Honda’s new H’ness CB350 and Jawa’s 300cc machines.  It will be interesting to see how well the new Royal Enfield fares against its new competition.

Drivespark says that Royal Enfield wanted to launch its new “Make It Yours” (MIY) personalization program with the Meteor.  The Make It Yours is a configurator-like app that allows potential customers to choose and personalize accessories for their motorcycles at the time of purchase.  The Make It Yours app allows consumers to design their own personalized machine and provides access to thousands of possible combinations in personalization options when they book their new motorcycle.  Also, once consumers have designed their bikes via the app, they get visibility into the delivery timeline of their personalized motorcycle.

Royal Enfield had hoped that the new purchase experience would give Royal Enfield Meteor consumers the first chance to design their own personalized motorcycle.  But with the delays the Meteor would encounter, Royal Enfield decided to roll out Make It Your Own before the Meteor’s release.

Indian market consumers can now design their personalized Interceptor INT 650 and Continental GT 650 using the app or by going online and visiting Royal Enfield’s website.  It shouldn’t be long before they can design their Meteors using MIY.

While numerous outlets say that the November 6th release date is now a fact, it remains to be seen whether the bike will actually be revealed at that time.  COVID has already impacted several previous release dates. With the virus’s resurgence in many parts of the world, it’s possible that the bike’s release could be delayed once again.

We’ll update you with more information once the new machine is formally released.

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