RTW really isn’t for everyone, in actuality, it’s only for a very minor amount of riders, solo or couples and very rarely with a child along with them too.

I was having lunch with Grant Johnson (HU founder) and a couple of other riders in 2011. One of the other riders asked a question in general to everyone at the table – “how many riders do you think are riding RTW?”

Grant jumped in to answer, but started off saying RTW isn’t for everyone and being on the road is more of a dream than a reality for most because of family, jobs, responsibility, loneliness, wealth and many more reasons. His next point was interesting (this was in 2011 BTW) he said he had been keeping track of RTW riders and ‘his calculations’ (and if you know Grant he can be nothing but analytical) said he estimated the number of RTW riders, past and present that had circumnavigated the planet came to approximately 1600 – EVER!!!

To you,  this might sound like a lot, or maybe sound like a minute number, but think about this; there are over 300,000 members just on this English speaking ADVrider forum, probably double that on HU and other forums combined…so as a guesstimate, RTW riders only make up less than 1/10th of one percent (0.10%) of known motorcycle riders who have a slight interest in full-time travel.

So that underlines the statement that full-time ISN’T for everyone…but I bet the number has increased dramatically over the last seven years.

As we travel we meet other people on motorcycles but it is rare that they can make the statement we are on the road indefinitely, anywhere from 3 months to 3 years seems the common timeframe.

I think of my last seven years on the road I have only met a true handful that made the statement and is still on the road today.

It is not a competition, it is just a lifestyle…I’ll go into more detail in another post if there is interest.

My travels since March 2011 are here


RTW since 2011 - rtwPaul

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