More rumors have surfaced surrounding the potential of a new Honda CB1000X and CBR1000R.  According to Japan’s Young Machine, Honda will have to update the bike’s powerplant to meet Euro 5 regulations.  And, they say these required emission and noise updates may be the genesis of two new bikes.

Using the CB1000R as a baseline

The Japanese publication refers to this year’s Honda updated CB1000R as a baseline for both the CB1000X and CBR1000R.  They say that a CB1000X could be a rival to BMW’s S1000 XR and Ducati’s Multistrada 1260 S.   To be a contender for this challenge, the new CB would have to make about 160hp if it is to come close to the BMW S1000 XR’s 165hp and the Ducati Multistrada’s 158hp.  Young Machine also points out that an updated CB1000R could also take on Kawasaki’s Ninja 1000SX.

Honda CB

This CGI rendering could be Honda’s new CB1000X.

CB4X concept bike role

Next, Young Machine points to the CB4X concept bike that Honda rolled out at EICMA last year.  They say that that model is based on the CB650R and could potentially be outfitted with a modified CB1000R engine in a sport touring configuration.  They make that claim based in part on its claim that Honda recently filed a patent for a largish electrically adjustable windshield thinking that the filing may indicate that Honda is serious about this segment.  Rivals to this machine would also be BMW’s S1000 XR, Ducati’s Multistrada 1260 S, and KTM’s SuperDuke GT.

Honda CB

This CGI rendering could be Honda’s new CBR1000R.

CGI Renderings

To prop up its predictions, the magazine rolls out three CGI renderings of what the machines could look like.  One each for the predicted models and one that shows the two side by side.  Both machines look quite striking for their respective segments.  But you might expect that since the bike images are merely renderings from someone’s mind.

Whether Honda wants another liter-sized travel machine that might compete with its Africa Twin is questionable.  Especially if this machine might inadvertently compete with its own Africa Twin.  As for Honda’s sport-touring segment, since the current CB1000R is a naked bike, a facelift with bodywork doesn’t seem to be such a stretch, does it?


All photo credit: Young Machine

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