Even though the Tenere 700 hasn’t really hit the market in really strong numbers yet, there are already rumours circulating that Yamaha is planning to release an upgraded version of the bike, known as the Tenere 700 Rally (or something like that).

This time around, the rumours are coming out of BikeSocial in the UK, where they recently published an article mysteriously referring to “new documents,” without bothering to tell us exactly what those documents are. Are they EPA filings? Dealership paperwork? The colouring book scribblings of a six-year-old with an imagination? We don’t know, because BikeSocial doesn’t say.

It’s likely we’re dealing with some sort of emissions paperwork, though, as BikeSocial says the documents set the new Rally’s horsepower the same as the standard Tenere 700 model, at 72 hp. Same for the noise output, and BikeSocial claims the mystery paperwork also lists the bike’s wheelbase, weight and height as also remaining the same.

That could imply the only real difference between the Rally and standard model is a paint job, and the OEMs certainly aren’t above this sort of trick. For example, Kawasaki regularly sells its sportbikes with lime green paint as some sort of “racing edition,” and also sold its KLR and KLX dual sport models as “camo editions,” with the only difference being graphics (and a higher MSRP). However, for many months, this rumour has been buzzing in the background, and it’s usually that Yamaha is planning to sell an upgraded machine, not just a tarted-up special edition.

KTM’s 790 Adventure and 790 Adventure R came in at the same weight (although not the same height), so maybe Yamaha’s going to pull some similar trickery. Regardless, it’s possible it’s all too late anyway, as many customers are tired of waiting for the T7 and have already spent their money elsewhere.

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