Sa1nt is bringing its line of single-layer motorcycle riding gear to North America.

Sa1nt makes a lot of different moto gear, and also workwear, but it’s best-known for its single-layer riding jeans. Back in 2015, when Sa1nt brought this stuff to market, almost all the motorcycle riding jeans on the market had two-layer construction. An outer denim layer gave a traditional jeans look, while an internal lining (usually some sort of aramid fabric) provided crash resistance.

Two-layer jeans worked, but they tended to be bulky and hot, particularly the versions with full-length inner lining. Sa1nt’s designs were the first CE-approved single-layer riding jeans in the world. The secret to Sa1nt’s design is a blend of the fabrics you’d normally make gear from (wool, cotton) and Dyneema. Sa1nt says Dyneema is “a proprietary fabric technology 15-times stronger than steel and made from the same fiber that tethers space shuttles and armors helicopters.” Dyneema’s used in everything from military armour to sailboat fabric to hiking gear, thanks to its tough-wearing qualities. Sa1nt says  its Unbreakable denim material, with 66 percent Dyneema construction, is 200 times stronger than regular denim and has a slide time of six seconds, or 246 feet. Those numbers might vary, depending on road conditions and other factors, but the bottom line is, these jeans will last a lot longer than your old Wranglers, if you crash.

Sa1nt’s combination of technical capability and style quickly proved popular in Australia. Founder Aidan Clarke says “We wanted something that looked like regular fashion, but provided you protection if things went random out on the road,” and that’s what a lot of other riders were looking for, particularly cafe racers, bobber enthusiasts and the like.

Sa1nt offers a wide range of motorcycle gear and workwear, but it’s best-known for its riding jeans.

It was hard to get your hands on Sa1nt’s products in North America, though. You could order them online and have them shipped internationally, but that’s certainly less than ideal when you’re looking for a proper fit.

That should be less of a problem now, as Sa1nt says it’s now offering “its own direct-to-market online and warehousing solution” for North America. No word on what pricing we can expect, or when exactly the new North American distribution starts. Logically speaking, we’d expect it this spring, though. Keep an eye on Sa1nt’s website and Facebook page for more details.

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