TALI Connected is back with a second moto-gadget, winning the CES 2021 Innovation Award for its SP-1 Safety Beacon.

Back in 2020, TALI Connected won its first Innovation Award for the iT-C Smart Helmet, which offers a crash detection sensor, LED visibility lights, voice navigation and other safety-oriented features. Many of those features return for the SP-1 Safety Beacon.

The SP-1 is a self-contained module that attaches to your motorcycle; it’s small enough to be hidden under the saddle of many bikes. Its built-in sensors detect a crash. Then, thanks to LTE, Bluetooth and other connectivity options (it has optional mobile coverage in more than 170 countries), the SP-1 can send a message to up to three contacts, alerting them of the crash. This is coordinated through the SP-1’s app. The SP-1 can also connect to the iT-C helmet.

The SP-1 isn’t just safety-oriented, though. There’s also a built-in alarm that can be set to detect suspicious movement around the motorcycle. Users can opt for a silent alert (presumably sent to their phone) or a 100 dB siren alarm.

Thanks to a built-in GPS chip, the SP-1 can also record your trip stats, whether you’re circling the world, or just a racetrack. The press release says it can track “distance traveled, average/maximum speed, journey time, the weather forecast, angles of inclination and for circuit lovers, the best lap times around the circuit. All this data can be shared through the app, and the user can choose who sees what information.

Riders can also keep track of their bike’s maintenance with the app; the trip-tracking function means the SP-1 can also let when you approach mileage intervals for maintenance, as well as other reminders to check brake pads or other systems.

The SP-1 connects directly to your motorcycle’s battery, but has its own built-in battery as well, which offers six months of standby capacity if you’re going a long time between rides. Currently, developers figure pricing will be $299 US or 259 euros. They plan on launching a crowdfunding campaign in coming months, to sell both the SP-1 safety beacon as well as their smart helmet.

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