Sargent continues to expand its REVolution OEM seat upgrade options. Now, you can send in the seat from your BMW S1000 XR (2020+ models), KTM 790 Adventure/Adventure R, or Honda CB500X (2013+ models), and Sargent can improve its comfort.

The REVolution OEM upgrade is Sargent’s basic seat overhaul service. Instead of building a custom pan, like some other manufacturers do, the Revolution upgrade has customers send their stock seat into Sargent for new foam and cover. Once Sargent does the work, the seat is shipped back, along with the OEM cover and foam, if you want them (Sargent uses custom-built seat pans for other designs).

You might think “seat foam is seat foam,” but Sargent actually has a patented design. See below:

Body Contour and Pressure Absorbing Layer. A special layer of visco-elastic foam (or memory foam) absorbs your unique body shape and pressure points to help eliminate “hot spots.” Completely encapsulated just below the surface, this unique construction technique protects this special foam from undue wear – allowing it to do its job – without the stark transitions or connecting seams that would otherwise compromise integrity and comfort.

Super Cell Atomic Foam. The foam that made us famous still forms the basis for all of our seats today. Our proprietary formulation has the perfect blend of firmness and spring-suspension performance. Each bike-specific shape is designed for optimal ergonomics, pressure distribution and support. And our foam product is Gel-free, so it won’t suffer from the thermal retention issues or excess weight of Gel.

Central Pressure-Relief Channel. A central pressure-relief channel is incorporated to relieve pressure on the body’s perineum area.

M1 Aplix Seam Technology. Gluing upholstery to the foam can result in a foam cushion that is too hard. Our seat construction allows the upholstery to float, permitting the foam and upholstery to move independently for maximum suspension value and long-term product integrity. When “deep-contour seams” are necessary, we utilize our M1 Aplix seam technology. The result?  No glue to come loose and no wires to cause discomfort.

Along with the new foam and cover, Sargent can install other customization. Riders can opt for different trim, or even have Sargent install a heating element with handlebar control:

Superior Heat Technology. Our heat pads are molded into the foam just below the surface for optimal comfort and protection. This patented technology utilizes a thin Flex-Film and Fine Wire Spiral Wound Fiber Core Technology for optimal comfort and performance. On a motorcycle, ambient temperatures can swing rapidly.  So, by combining this technology with our Advanced Heat Control Unit, you’ll be ready for whatever the weather throws your way with precise temperature control right at your finger tips.

Other companies offer similar foam and cover replacement options, where the rider does the work themselves. However, Sargent’s service means you can expect the end result will look and feel how you want it.

Sargent guarantees a 48-hour turnaround time for their seat overhaul service, on basic orders. “Any foam modifications or NON-STANDARD upholstery configurations fall into ordinary turn around times,” the company says. Translation: If you want a heated seat, expect a longer wait time, and a higher price tag.

Speaking of price tags: The basic seat job costs $399, including REV Prep Kit with pre-paid inbound shipping label and shipping instructions. Tricking out your seat with a heating element and other upgrades can push that price above $600. For more details, and a list of bikes compatible with the Sargent REVolution OEM upgrade, visit the Sargent website. Along with the new S1000 XR, 790 Adventure and CB500X seats, the website says Sargent is developing a seat for the 2020+ Africa Twin.

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