Luxury moto helmet manufacturer Schuberth has just brought out its latest modular offering, the C5.

Like the previous entries in this series (the C4, C3, C3 Pro, etc.), the C5 moves incrementally forward with updated safety standard and refinements aimed towards improving comfort.

With the C5, that means it meets Europe’s latest ECE-R 22.06 standard (find some background on that here). Schuberth used a new DFP fiberglass shell design, reinforced with carbon fiber, which is supposed to reduce weight and absorb more shock. Schuberth also re-designed the Anti-Roll-Off System, which uses the neck roll and chin strap to keep your helmet in-place during a crash. Now, the chin strap is re-designed, for more comfort.

The helmet’s inner lining is also re-designed for more comfort. As per Schuberth’s press release:

The standard head pad has been developed to offer uncompromised comfort to all our customers, but those with “extreme head shapes” are usually forced to compromise with fit and sizes. For SCHUBERTH compromise is not an option so with the C5 we introduce the “Individual concept”. A specific program aimed to ensure the maximum comfort to the rider giving the option to customize the internal padding with more thickness options for sides, back and cheek pads.

In reality, riders with older Schuberth helmets have been doing this for years, mixing and matching different-sized liners between various helmet sizes, in order to get a more customized internal fit.

Schuberth also says this helmet should be quieter than previous models, rated for 85 decibels of wind noise while riding a naked bike at 100 km/h. It’s good that Schuberth does put considerable effort into quietening its helmets (taking advantage of an on-site wind tunnel, a tool that many budget-minded helmet makers don’t have). However, once you’re in the real world, crosswinds, traffic, windscreen buffeting and other factors often come into play; keep that in mind, if this is a priority for you as a customer.

The C5 helmet also comes pre-wired for a Mesh-enabled Sena comm system, far superior to the two-way comm sets of old.

We haven’t seen North American pricing for the Schuberth C5 yet, but the older C4 Pro models sold in the $700-$900 US range, depending which options you wanted. Expect similar pricing when the C5 arrives in our market. Find more details and color choices at


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