Scorpion is the latest manufacturer to jump aboard the integrated helmet/communicator system, with a new full-face moto helmet and a comm system that’s designed to tidily integrate with it.

First, the helmet: The Scorpion EX0-520 Air is nothing terribly groundbreaking, but at least it’s not priced silly-high. It’s your standard fullface design, with polycarbonate plastic shell covered in plain or multi-colour graphics. Scorpion says the helmet was designed for max ventilation, although that’s a claim helmet manufacturers often make with little perceivable difference.

There’s an anti-fog coating on the face shield, as well as the drop-down internal sun shield; there’s a Pinlock-ready visor available, and some of the interior padding uses Scorpion’s AirFit system, to make sure the helmet’s internal sizing is perfectly adapted to your face. Supposedly, Scorpion is sorting out US certification, but for now, the EXO-520 Air is available in Europe, starting at 199 Euros.

However, if you include the Scorpion EXO-Com system, you’ve got the new EX0-520 Smart Air. The EXO-Com system is a built-in comm unit, similar to what other manufacturers have done with helmets like the Sena Outstar. Scorpion worked with UClear to develop this gadgetry; supposedly, it offers communication range up to 800 metres. It has a battery life around 15 hours, and has IPX5-level weatherproofing. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology to stream music or give turn-by-turn navigation directions when paired with a smartphone.

Unlike other manufacturers, who implant the comm unit directly into the motorcycle helmet’s shell, Scorpion mounts the EXO-Com on the exterior, on the left side.

The Scorpion USA website doesn’t have the EXO-520 Air helmet or the Exo-Com system listed yet, but if you keep an eye open there, we’d expect to see them soon.

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