It’s almost spring in the Northern hemisphere, but the weather is now cooling down in Patagonia while Peru is drenched in the floods of the rainy season. If you’re looking to ride RTW or do a fly-and-ride trip, be mindful about the seasons around the world – getting stuck in snow, floods, and monsoons or dealing with searing desert temperatures is no fun!

October – December

If you’re looking to get away during the fall-winter season, your best bet is to head to Northern Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt), Patagonia (Chile, Argentina), Southern Europe (Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy), and Southern Australia. Northern Africa and Southern Australia are generally great to travel all year round, while Patagonia gets snow and freezing temperatures between May and October, and Southern Europe gets chillier during the January – February months.

Best country for December: island of Crete, Greece. The tourist season is over, so you’ll get the best prices and have the place all to yourself while the weather is perfect for riding.

January – April

Great time to ride Colombia, Southern Australia, Morocco, Kenya, and South Africa. Most of Europe is covered in snow and ice at this time, it rains (a lot!) in Peru and Bolivia, and Central Asia is mostly impassable on a motorcycle during this time.

Best country for the season: Ecuador. It’s actually great all year round because it sits right on the equator, which makes it a country of eternal spring.

May to September

Mongolia is best between June and October, Central Asia gets warmer from May to August, and the Himalayas in India are the most hospitable from March to May. Northern Australia has better weather from May to October, and Southern Africa is great between April to October.

Best country for the season: Mongolia. June and July are the best months to ride this beautiful wild country.


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