Got a Yamaha Tenere 700? Want a new seat? Seat Concepts now offers a comprehensive line of new saddles for the T7, for riders aiming for touring comfort or offroad utlity.

The lineup now includes one-piece and two-piece seats. The Comfort-Tall, Comfort-Sport Touring and Low seats are all available in two-piece. The Sport-Touring seat is 13 inches wide (the OEM seat is 7 inches). The Low seat is 10.5 inches wide, and 7/8 inches lower than stock. The Tall seat is 10.25 inches wide, and 1.25 inches taller than stock.

Pricing for two-piece seats starts at $194.99 for just the front cover and foam (leaving the OEM rear seat in place). Adding foam and cover for the rear kit drives the price up. The two-piece seats are only available as DIY kits. With these, the riders get replacement foam and covers, and complete the job themselves.

There are also several one-piece seats, including a Comfort-Low (12 inches wide, 7/8 lowered), Comfort-Tall (12 inches wide, 1.25 inches taller), and standard Comfort (11 inches wide). There’s a new Rally seat (aimed at offroad control, not comfort!), available in Tall and Low version. Seat Concepts also now builds the Hard Adventure 2.0 seats, with ribbed cover, in Tall, Low and standard heights (pricing starts at $314.99).

The one-piece seats are only available as complete replacement units, probably because of the more complicated craftsmanship involved. As a result, these seats are all more expensive than the DIY two-piece seats.

For a look at the complete line, check out Seat Concepts’ website; if ordering, remember that order times are delayed, thanks to COVID-19.

The aftermarket picks up for the T7

The new Concept Seats line for the T7 is a sign of the times. As the Yamaha Tenere 700 shows up in North American showrooms, the aftermarket is gearing up to meet its perceived or real shortcomings. Corbin also has new seat options, and Touratech has a whole new list of add-ons as well.

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