A UK company wants to develop a potential solution to secure your motorcycle while parked in urban locations.  According to Bikers Guardian, the UK sees 40,000 motorcycles stolen annually.  That amounts to more than £3,000,000 ($4.13M) in lost machinery per month.  That’s a lot of motorcycles and a significant amount of cash.

So Bikers Guardian is developing a device that acts as a secure parking station and more.  While there are other methods of locking your bike to a stationary object like a telephone pole or parking meter, your bike is still out in the open, where it can be quickly loaded into a van and carried off.

Locking mechanism

The problem is that your locking mechanism is out in the open and can easily be cut off with an electric angle grinder in seconds.  Bikers Guardian’s solution is to provide a station that is mounted to the ground and provides a special patented locking mechanism for your front wheel.  With the front wheel locked into place, two metal shrouds extend beside it, covering the axle bolts and nuts, making removal of the front wheel difficult, if not impossible.

Secure parking station

The station itself looks like a five-foot-high small telephone booth.  Bike owners would simply roll their bikes into the locking hub to lock the machine.  Once in place, the motorcycle is secured to the station, and there is no access to the bike’s front wheel.

But there is more to the Bikers Guardian protective station.  It offers other capabilities and security options.  Some of which provide things other than secure parking.


secure bikers guardian

Shrouds prevent access to the bike’s front wheel.

Other secure capabilities

For example, the system has a secure app.  It will let you find and reserve a secure parking station with a few clicks from your phone.  Everything from finding, reserving, and paying for secure parking can be done from the app.

In addition, the station itself is a secure, temperature-controlled locker.  So if you are heading to a business meeting, doing some shopping, or just meeting with friends, you can leave your motorcycling gear inside a locked, temperature-controlled compartment on the back of the parking station.

secure bikers guardian

A temperature controlled storage locker will hold up to two sets of riding gear.

Camera and alarm systems

The station also includes a bit of additional security.  Each unit has a camera and an alarm system.  If someone attempts to steal your bike, a camera in the unit will record the thieves.  Then the Bikers Guardian call center will call you to notify you that someone is attempting to “retrieve” your motorcycle without proper authorization.

Environmental concerns

While it’s clear that motorcycles often burn less fuel than cars, the Bikers Guardian secure parking station has other features that are “green.” For example, each unit has a hydrogen fuel cell.  The cell will allow users to charge their electric motorcycles and even electronic devices while parked at the station.  This type of charging creates zero emissions and could work with city initiatives to improve air quality.

Cost impacts

With the reduced emissions of hydrogen fuel cell recharging and a potential reduction in crime, cities could welcome motorcycles once again.  And they would be creating a new revenue stream while reducing motorcycle-related crimes like purse snatching and smash and grab thefts.  With the declining crime rate, cities could also experience a reduction in the cost of police services and a potentially safer community.

Still a dream?

There are no Bikers Guardian stations deployed anywhere at present.  The station is simply a concept at this point.  To become a reality, several hurdles would have to be overcome.  First, Bikers Guardian would likely require “buy-in” from local governments to deploy the systems in urban areas.

Then perhaps the biggest hurdle would need to be overcome.  Funding.  It’s quite easy to see that the rollout of such a product will cost lots of money.  And at this time, it doesn’t seem that Bikers Guardian has raised sufficient funds to develop the product.  Their Indiegogo crowdfunding page has been closed with £0 raised.

Two different websites say that the development of Bikers Guardian is experiencing difficulty due to the world’s semi-conductor shortage.  That may be the case, but it’s clear that there’s still a long way to go for Bikers Guardian to become a reality.

What do you think?

Personally, I like the idea of a Bikers Guardian type parking station for motorcycles.  Depending on the price to park and store equipment, I think it could benefit riders.  Commuting could become significantly more attractive.  Particularly if you don’t have to worry about your bike’s security.  And the fact that I can store my gear in a secure compartment only makes it better.

But what do you think?  If a Bikers Guardian-like product were available to you, would you find it useful?  What would you pay to park your machine and store your gear in an urban area?  Let us know in the comments below.


All image credit: Bikers Guardian

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