The thing about long-distance ADV travel is that you’ve got to look after your bike first, yourself second. Your bike is your transport and your home, and often, I’ll first make sure there’s secure parking at the Airbnb or hotel, then worry about hot showers and wifi. But how do you find secure motorcycle parking while on the go, when listings aren’t always detailed and there’s sometimes no way of knowing whether there’s any safe spaces for bikes available? I’ve had to squeeze my bike into hotel lobbies, under staircases, and the like along the way, but here’s what helps to make sure you’ll be able to park your steed securely as you go along:

Message Ahead

If you’re booking a place in advance, it’s always best to message the host or the hotel ahead and ask them about parking. Often, listings say “no parking” but hosts are happy to find a space for a motorcycle; and sometimes, parking is listed as available, but all you get is a street parking spot. It’s somewhat tedious and time-consuming, but messaging ahead is the sure proof way to know you’ll be able to park the bike safely for the night.

Secure Motorcycle Parking on the Road // ADV Rider

Carry Cable Locks

Despite the best efforts, sometimes, booking ahead is impossible – maybe you haven’t decided on your destination, or you find yourself staying somewhere else than planned. Nothing is ever granted on the road, so just to be on the safe side, carry a cable lock and a bike cover – not exactly a sure method of safety, but it’s definitely a deterrent, and gives some peace of mind when you’re staying somewhere without secure parking.

How do you find secure motorcycle parking while on the road? Share the tips in the comments below!


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