Securing a GPS on your motorcycle comes in three forms

  • what you get from the factory
  • extra firm hold while riding
  • stopping theft

On the new Garmin ZumoXT, there has been a fair amount of chatter about the mount, because Garmin went away from the claw type mount found on the Montana series to a more refined version that is barely visible when the unit is mounted.

I called a contact I had at Garmin head office to ask how the two mounts compared and were told they are easily on par with each other and the new one had been tested thoroughly without any failure, and its construction was as good or better than any mount they had previously made.

So why would you need anything additional?

To hold it in the mount more securely as there is no set screw to do so.

On my Montana, I found a company years ago that made a simple knurled thumb screw that was easier to use than the safety Torx on the Montana cradle that had failed me in the past, and as it protruded it was easy to see if it did come loose.

Simple to use and didn’t puncture holes in your pockets like that Garmin screwdriver did cause it was no longer needed.


Was there anything out there for the new ZumoXT, as simple…or maybe better?

What my criteria were – something small, lightweight that added security when riding, and a little security when stopped, just to keep honest people honest…oh and I didn’t want to buy from a company known for making this kind of thing whose name begins with ‘T’ and their $175 price tag…

This is not a sponsored post, just what I found for my use and thought some of you might be interested…

The search led me to a company called based in the Netherlands who make a simple but effective locking mechanism, so I ordered one, €74/ $89 including shipping


The principal is simple and I’m sure a few of you will state you could make it yourself, but for those who can’t…

It’s a two-piece set up, one with a lock, the other is the guard for the lock,

Both pieces mount behind your Garmin charging mount using the predrilled holes in both pieces in the AMPS configuration.

I put a screw thru one of the holes to hold it all square, to allow you to see the locking mechanism, it of course will be mounted with the stock Garmin hardware on the bike.

The lock simply stops the release mechanism from being pushed down making it secure and theft-proof

On the bike using a quarter turn on the mini barrel key is all it takes for the ZumoXT to be held in place more securely

…and once you are locked down, a small-cap hides the locking mechanism and reduces water/ dirt ingress


Disclaimer: Garmin loaned us two units for a limited time period for the purpose of review, this is not a sponsered post. 

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