Sooooo, here’s some news: Segway is planning to build an electric motorcycle.

Segway is best-known for its self-balancing personal transportation device that was brought to market in 2002, and proved to be a bit of a disaster. Sure, Segways did sell, but they didn’t replace pedestrian traffic as the company hoped. Since then, the company’s been plugging away at those designs, and in 2015 was sold to Beijing-based Ninebot Inc.

Ninebot obviously has bigger plans for Segway than nerdy self-balancing personal transportation devices. It’s just announced that it’s going to be bringing a new electric motorcycle to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

Called the Apex Concept, the new electric motorcycle looks like a proper superbike, not some half-baked geek mobile.

According to Segway (or is that Ninebot, now?), the new Apex Concept has a maximum speed of 125 mph, and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mp in 2.9 seconds.It’s got upside-down forks, dual disc front brakes and decent-looking Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tires.

All sounds good, so the battery must recharge quickly and have great range, right? Uh, we’re not sure about that. Marketing for this machine is similar to all current battery bike marketing: heavy on power details, light on range and recharge time details. Funny how that works! No doubt some of those details will be forthcoming at the Consumer Electronics Show show unveiling, though, along with other information like: How does Segway plan to sell this bike without an established dealer network? What’s the MSRP, anyway? And so on …

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