Selling your US plated bike in Colombia, South America, it’s an easy option you might not have considered.

You have your grand plan in place to ride South America, most riders head from the US southbound and go to Ushuaia and once they get there they are about done…sound familiar?

So they then make a beeline to Punto Arenas, Santiago or Buenos Aires, to either try to sell or to ship the bike home some way.

…but what if you don’t want to do this you want to carry on riding longer than expected?

You have no choice but to ride north, but when you get towards Colombia now you really are done.

You want to fly your bike home and not ride Central America again, this is where this article will help you with a few options.

You can reasonably cheaply fly your bike from Bogota to Miami for around $1400 and up depending on the bikes weight and dimensions, and then fly yourself, $200 and up depending on your luck with pricing. If you want to fly to other destination instead of Miami be prepared for sticker shock, the US now requires bikes to be crated so prices are high $2300 and up just for the bike!

If after hearing your quote you don’t feel its worth the value of the bike to do this and you’re not attached emotionally to it, and your bike is in good enough condition to sell, there is another option, which I just completed TODAY!

I sold my bike to a fellow traveler (non-Colombian) and the process is very simple, you will need just a few documents.

I know Veronica at Cargo Rider shipping company here in Bogota, we sat down and created the paperwork that can be used by anyone selling a non-Colombian bike to a fellow non-Colombian rider.

All it involves is three pieces of paper: a Power of Attorney, a form called a Poder, and insurance

The Power of Attorney (POA) gives a third party (you) permission to register the bike in the US on behalf of your buyer, so you can ship them the documents – title, registration and possibly new license plate back to them so the bike is in their name and not yours. ***confirm your state allows this, my bike is from AZ and there is a POA form on the DMV website.

Next is the Poder, this is also a POA to give permission for the buyer to ride your bike in Colombia and to cross from one country to the next with paperwork, NOT in their name.

Veronica at Cargo Rider has the Poder and can take you to get this form notarized (required) and act as your liaison in English and Spanish for a nominal fee.

Your buyer also needs insurance, which she can also arrange. The insurance is issued on the bike, not the person, from the date it entered the country. So, if this is your plan make sure you leave enough time for the buyer to ride around a little and get to the border.


Can you do this yourself?

  • If you speak good or fluent Spanish it will be a huge help, especially with the legal documents, it could take you a few days or more and lots of footwork and a possible trip to a lawyers office and/or a notary

Another option

  • You can use a service in the US that quoted $450 and up that is taking an hour in Colombia and maybe an hour in the US

Easiest option

  • You can spend around an hour with Veronica and get it all completed by someone who knows exactly what she is doing for a nominal fee and has the correct forms on her computer


So the big question why would you do this?

  • Simple, it’s easy, you have a used bike, most likely with higher than average mileage, its value in the US will be minimal
  • You save on the shipping costs.
  • You return home with a pocket full of cash.
  • The buyer gets a great deal on a bike that is correctly set up for travel

In my situation – bike plus the cost of shipping saved, I leave South America with around double the amount of what the bike is worth in the US.

In the buyer’s situation – they get a setup bike for cheaper than a local bike would cost, that wouldn’t be set up for travel.


Make note of the details and if this situation arises, you now know there is an easy alternative solution that allows you to ride longer.








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