Every time I attend an event that involves riding with new people, I always ask what helmet communicators they’re running. About half the riders that run a comm system, run a Sena, and those riders are almost always complaining about the audio quality of their system. I have run Sena communicators for about a decade, and that is my only real complaint, too.

Take heart, friends. Sena is listening to our complaints. The Sena 30K device now comes standard with upgraded speakers. If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on Bluetooth for your helmet, this might be your deciding factor.

The Sena 30K is the company’s first-generation Mesh intercom device. Users can manage its features through the Sena app. The upgraded speakers also appear on that app, where users can tap into their equalizer function to tune the speakers to their own auditory preferences.

The Sena website calls them “Premium HD Speakers” with no numbers associated with that description. They’re billed as better than the speakers originally shipped with the 30K, but what, technically, does that mean? Hopefully, it means that when you have the speakers cranked to listen to your favorite podcast at speed and through earplugs, the speech is discernable. Music is one thing, but clear speech, through speakers and earplugs and wind noise, is not easy.

The fun part is, if you already have a Sena 30K, you can upgrade to those speakers with a $39 purchase of the Sena HD “Type A” speakers, and a (free) firmware update on your existing device. The new speakers plug into the existing mount on your helmet with only a little mechanical intervention. You’ll also need to go into the Sena app to enable the speakers with your device.

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