Sena has posted its latest line of helmet comms to its website, with the promise that they’re “coming soon.”

The Sena 50 line is an incremental update of the company’s long-running series of helmet communication systems. So far, there are two communicators listed in the series, the 50S and the 50R. The 50S uses the jog dial system for rider input, like many of Sena’s most popular comms, while the 50R has a three-button input setup.

What sort of updates do the new systems have? There’s eight-language support now, for voice commands (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian). Speaking of which, the 50 line is designed to interface with digital assistants like Apple’s Siri. Sena says the comms have re-designed high-def speakers (slimmer, and slightly louder), and that recharge times are 30 per cent faster.

Firmware updates should be easier, as they’re now done automatically via wifi.

As for the actual communication performance, Sena is touting its new Mesh 2.0 system, which “provides a robust performance boost, along with Multi-channel Open Mesh(MOMâ„¢), bringing the ability to choose from 9 intercom channels, which is an industry first.” According to its website, the new design allows six people to speak at the same time, with limitless participants listening in. Communication response time is supposed to be 25 per cent quicker, and the new nine-channel selection allows riders to switch between channels to chat to different groups, or set up a private group with up to 24 participants.

So far, we’ve seen no pricing or arrival date for the new systems.

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