Seems like almost every urban and ADV rider we see these days has a vestigial growth on the side of their helmet, and very often, it’s a communication (or “coms”) system or an action cam. Or both. Now, coms maker Sena has debuted five new devices at EICMA 2021, and one model integrates the comms and an action cam into one sleek device.

Called the Quantum Series, the three new add-to-your-own-helmet models level up in price from $359 for the base 50S system to $499 for the 50C combo unit. Another $359 system, the 50R, features a sleeker, thinner, lower-profile built-in type of look.

Sena is also introducing two “smart helmets” with integrated Quantum systems, the $599 Impulse modular helmet and the $549 Stryker full-face lid. Neither helmet features a video camera.

But the big news is the 50C model add-on module with the built-in 4K video camera/recorder. The camera records at 30fps at 4k rez, and 60fps with EIS at 1080P HD quality. It can also shoot 12mp stills. Clips can be tagged and saved to a memory card or downloaded to your smartphone via the built-in wifi. Video break:

With competitor Cardo teaming up with audio product maker JBL to improve sound, Sena has now signed on with Harman Kardon. Sena says the HK speakers and new microphones in the Quantum line are designed and tweaked for the best sound possible in the noisy confines of a rider’s helmet, and the Impulse and Stryker hats are designed to be more quiet so you can better chat while putting about in town or rock out while strafing apexes. Both helmets have LED “tail lights” built in.

Rock out, chat it up, make a call and record your ride, all at the same time. – Sena

As you might expect, there is a new Sena app to control and tweak your Quantum bits, including getting your chat on via an Open Mesh intercom system on group rides. Sena says there is essentially no limit on how many riders can join in at once, or up to 24 riders in “Group Mesh Intercom” mode.

Voice prompts keep you updated on camera operations and the system also recognizes its own Sena-specific voice commands along with punching through to Siri and friends. The system understands English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.

Sena says you can take delivery of their new Quantum devices early next year.


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