Sena has introduced its newest line of communicators at AIM Expo.  The new line of communicators come in three configurations, the SF1, SF2 and SF4.  Each communicator uses Bluetooth technology and the same low profile body.  However, each SF communicator has different capabilities.

The minimalist SF1 is designed for solo riders who don’t need the ability to communicate with other riders, but would like to be able to connect to their phone and listen to stored music, hear turn by turn GPS instructions or take a call.

The SF2 includes all the features of the SF1 but adds the ability to have two-way communications with a passenger.

Sena’s new SF4 communicator.

Wrapping up the SF lineup is the SF4 which supports bike to bike communications for up to 4 riders with more than a 3/4 radius.

All SF line communicators have a new quick charge feature.  With a 20 minute charge, Sena claims the communicators will have 4 – 5 hours of battery life.  With a full charge, the SF series communicators will have approximately 13 hours of talk time.  Each communicator also features audio overlay such that music and communications can work in parallel as opposed to a single feature taking control of the unit.  So if your GPS is giving you instructions while listening to music, the music volume will be turned down but not be muted enabling you to listen to your music while still getting instructions.  Sena’s free smartphone app also allows riders to configure their SF series communicators as well.

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