If you’ve got a Sena communicator, there’s good news: A new “Smart Intercom Pairing” feature might be about to make your life easier.

Here’s why this matters: opinion is divided on motorcycle helmet communicator systems; some riders love the ability to listen to music or chat with their pillion or other riders. Other riders say the in-helmet audio is distracting, and all they need is the sound of wind in their ears, and so on. But one thing that pro-communicator and anti-communicator camps can agree on is this: pairing the comms can be massively annoying. The process used to involve visually scanning an instruction sheet that’s folded more times than the French military, with too-small type. Using that guide, you mashed a few buttons and hoped it all worked out.

These days, smartphone pairing makes the process easier, as you can get an app with the basic instructions. However, Sena’s taking it a step further. Now, they’re putting a new functionality into Sena’s proprietary smartphone app that allows you to quickly pair devices using the Power Of Technology! As per Sena’s press release:

Sena’s new Smart Intercom Pairing (SIP) allows riders to use their smartphone to scan QR codes in order to easily pair devices to one another. Nearly all Sena devices, along with many Sena-powered OEM devices with Bluetooth 4.1 and up can use their respective app in order to quickly pair with other SIP compatible headsets. SIP saves time and offers a universal way to pair your devices. Once your devices are paired using SIP, you are now able to connect the devices to one anothe

Presumably, that means less button-mashing, at least as long as you have a current-generation Sena headset.

Sena also says it’s got new high-def speakers coming for its 10C Pro, 10C EVO, 20S, 20S EVO, and 30K units, with details coming soon. Again, as per Sena’s press release:

The updated speaker kits offer a marked increase in volume, bass boost, and clarity for a noticeably enhanced audio experience while riding. Sena will also be rolling out upgrades for each device’s firmware to ensure HD Speaker audio quality is maximized. In addition to the revised hardware of the HD Speakers and updated device firmware, users will also see a new audio equalizer function within the Sena Utility App (or 30K Utility App) for custom adjustments on device audio levels. Stay tuned for more details closer to the release of the HD speaker kits.

Maybe Sena’s finally cracking the code, and offering a wide range of comm sets with decent sound? Let’s hope, as these high-priced devices still suffer from poor audio when you’re at highway speeds.

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