Sena has brought out the latest offering in its combined helmet comm/action camera line, the 10C EVO.

Action cameras are nothing new, with GoPro and then a whole host of imitators flooding the market in the past decade, including Sony, the only company that has really challenged GoPro’s dominance in the last few years—there have been many other options (Contour, Drift, Jakd, etc.), but none of them have really threatened GoPro.

However, Sena has provided a functionality that’s unique: the ability to combine its helmet communication systems with an action camera. The 10C line of communicator/camera units allows riders to integrate their in-comm sounds with their riding footage, eliminating post-production splicing of soundtracks and other faffing about.

The 10C EVO allows riders to shoot 4K footage at 30fps (earlier 10C models shot 1080p). The 10C EVO has burst, single shot and time laps mode, and uses microSD cards up to 128 GB in size, which is plenty of space for most riders. No word on battery life, though; it likely varies drastically, depending how much you’re using the comm system. Speaking of which, the 10C EVO allows four riders to connect their comm sets at the same time. You can connect your mobile devices to the 10C EVO to listen to music via Bluetooth, or you can use the FM radio function. You can also use the Bluetooth hookup to listen to turn-by-turn navigation from your mobile device. And, you can control the camera via your mobile device through the Sena Camera App and Sena Headset App.

Current pricing is $399 US. More details here.

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