Sena has just released an HD upgrade for the helmet speakers for certain models the 5s/ 10cEvo/ 10c Pro I tested, but there is also an upgrade for the 20S, 20S EVO, 30K, 50S models, both are linked to the specific model and similarly priced at $39 from Sena and other online outlets

These are a straight swap for your original helmet speakers and basically, the exact same shape and design (0.4 mm thicker) but the new ones have the foam permanently attached instead of an add-on.

I have found with my older units the foam lost its elasticity over time would occasionally come off when putting on the helmet. This change will stop that.

The connector plug is and obviously has to be identical and is specific to which version you buy, so no real change there.

So why buy an upgrade? Sound quality!

I have found over time that the stock speaker’s output volume was ok, but the majority of the time when highway riding at speed I had to have them cranked up to near max volume, which of course affects the clarity of what you are listening to and, causes sound distortion.

The first thing you will notice with the new ones is the loudness. I contacted Sena after receiving these to get a few specs as nothing is listed on their website.

The skinny is this – 

25% increase in power/ loudness

50% improvement on clarity and bass

So if your old speakers weren’t doing it for you then this upgrade at a very reasonable $39 price point might be just what you need to be hearing your music and incoming phone calls clearly.

Once the speakers are in the helmet and plugged into the unit do the following

1. Update the firmware*

2. Update the corresponding apps

3. Connect the devices to the corresponding apps

4. Activate HD Speakers on the app menu.

5. You can select one of the presets on the Equalizer menu.

*The firmware update is here.
Use the Sena utility app on your computer, and use the zip file for the update file.
For more details about Sena products use their website.

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