Sena is launching its Outrush R modular helmet with integrated communications in North America.  The well-known motorcycle communication company says that the Outrush R is the evolution of its original Outrush modular helmet.

Outrush R

The Sena Outrush R is an evolution of the original Sena Outrush.

Outrush R Communications

The new Outrush R modular helmet has its communication features integrated into the helmet itself.  As such, there’s no need to disassemble your helmet’s inner liner or worry about sufficient clearance for the communicator’s speakers.  Some of the Outrush R’s features include:

  • Integrated speakers & microphone
  • 4-Way Bluetooth Intercom, & 2-Way HD Intercom
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Three-button control located on the left side
  • Bluetooth® 5.0

The Outrush R uses Bluetooth® 5.0 and features 4-way Intercom communication.  It permits up to four riders to pair their Sena Bluetooth devices to each other. If only two riders are connected, they will experience the helmet’s 2-way HD Intercom, which enhances the helmet’s audio quality.

Outrush R Range

Sena says the Outrush R’s range is up to 900 meters (0.5 miles).  Talk time is said to be up to 12 hours.  In addition, Outrush R users can also pair to a smartphone to listen to music, take phone calls, hear turn-by-turn GPS directions.

As for the helmet’s makeup, it is a modular design with a flip-up chin guard.  With its dual P / J homologation, the helmet can be ridden with the chin guard open or closed.


With dual homologation, modular helmets receive approval in the full-face configuration with the letter “P” (for protective) and with the chin guard raised indicated by the letters “P/J” for Protective/Jet.

If a helmet receives its approval as a full-face helmet it earns the letter “P” (protective).  If it earns both the “P” and “J” (Jet) ratings, it is OK to use with the both the chin guard closed and open.

Outrush R

Some of the design features of the Outrush R includes:

  • Modular design
  • Integrated and retractable sun visor
  • DOT & ECE ratings
  • Dual Homologated P/J approval
  • Quick pairing using Sena’s Smart Intercom Pairing, QR code scanning, or use of the Sena Utility app.

Sena says the Outrush R’s construction features a multi-density EPS liner, a lightweight shell, and 3-way ventilation located on the chin, top, and rear.

The Outrush R’s MSRP is $259 and should be in dealers shortly.  Sena is sending us a helmet to test, so we will have a full review in the future.

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