Sena is updating its motorcycle communicator lineup with new HD speakers, with the 20S EVO comm set the latest unit to receive the upgrade.

While press releases often tout the improved connection capabilities of each new generation of helmet comms, the reality is that proper speakers are also an important part of the equation. Crackly, fuzzy, too-quiet speakers with insufficient volume will ruin the experience. In recent years, the manufacturers behind these helmet comms have realized this, and introduced units with improved speakers, or made them available as options.

“Upgraded HD speakers,” Sena says, but are they switching to the standard plug-in jack that other manufacturers use? It does not appear so.  The kit includes a “2.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Cable, so presumable that’s how you connect everything. Photo: Sena

Back in August, Sena announced upgraded speakers for its 30K comm set, which appeared to be closely related to the speakers Sena developed for its 50-series models. Those speakers were “optimized for boosted performance in volume, bass, and clarity,” and Sena says the same about the speakers on the updated 20S EVO. The speakers are also supposed to be more physically comfortable, with a beveled taper that fits easily into speaker pockets on helmets, instead of jamming up against your ear cartilage.

However, Sena does not list any actual performance numbers for the new speakers; we’re just told there’s an improvement, and that’s all we know. Sena does say the new 20S EVO speakers come with pre-set audio levels, but users can adjust the settings with the Sena Utility App. As well, the updated speakers are only available through the company’s website right now, but will soon be available through Sena’s retail partners.

Currently, the updated 20S EVO sells for $269 apiece for Sena’s US customers via its website; a two-pack is $489. More details here.

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