If you’re planning a short motorcycle trip in South America,  consider these top ten reasons to ride Ecuador.


Ecuador is an incredibly diverse country, both culturally and in terms of nature and scenery. Ecuador is home to various indigenous communities, and it’s also a very compact country where you can ride from the Pacific coast to the high Andes and into the Amazon within a few days!

Seven Reasons to Ride Ecuador...Now! www.advrider.com


Ecuador is one of the most peaceful countries in South America, and while pickpockets exist everywhere in the world, Ecuador is a very safe country to travel whether you’re aiming for busier cities or more remote Andean villages.

Seven Reasons to Ride Ecuador...Now! www.advrider.com


Ecuador uses US dollars, so you won’t have to deal with currency exchange!


Flying in an out of Quito is very convenient (and, most of the time, very economical) if you’re traveling from North America or Europe.  There are several motorcycle rental places in Quito, so arranging a riding trip here is easier than in most places!


While there re some really wild and remote places in Ecuador, the main infrastructure is well-developed: there are good quality paved roads, a wide range of accommodation and restaurant options available,  petrol stations and ATM’s are plentiful.


A gallon of fuel in Ecuador is $1.48, a hotel stay will cost anywhere between $15 and $50, a meal in a restaurant is around $10. In other words, Ecuador, especially compared to Chile and Argentina, is still a very cheap place to travel!

Seven Reasons to Ride Ecuador...Now! www.advrider.com


Ecuador is an incredibly scenic country: whether you choose to ride the paved twisties or the gnarly off-road tracks (and there are plenty to choose from!), stunning views are guaranteed wherever you go!

Seven Reasons to Ride Ecuador...Now! www.advrider.com


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