We may be unable to travel or even ride right now, but we can still plan and dream. As someone on an indefinite, slow, and improvised RTW, I’m hoping to eventually get everywhere; still, I have several bucket list places I’d love to explore as soon as the lockdown is over. I’ve no idea when can I get there, or even how, but here’s my bucket list of destinations:

The Far East

Ever since discovering Anatoly Chernyavskiy’s adventures,I’ve been obsessed with the Far East and the 180th meridian. Photos from Anatoly’s travels in the Far East just look so surreal to me, and it feels that there, where the East meets the West and where no roads lead, in this wild, remote land, is where true adventure still lies. Could I do this solo? I’m not sure. Am I going to try? Hell yes.


Even before learning to ride motorcycles, I have wanted to see Siberia. For one, it’s the wilderness and the remoteness of the region. For another, I want to see the area around Magadan, where my granddad spent eight years in a mining gulag, all because he told one too many jokes abot Stalin back in his day. And third, Siberia,much like the Far East, seems like the last frontier of true adventure.

South Africa

I’m not sure if I have what it takes to ride around the whole African continent, especially right after Coronavirus, but South Africa has long been a dream destination for me. Maybe it’s because that’s where the two oceans meet, and I’m a geography nerd; maybe I simply read too many books about sailing and exploring as a kid, but Cape Town just sounds absolutel magical to me.

Or maybe it’s just time to head South again.

What are your bucket list places, and why? Let me know in the comments below.


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