Shoei has its just-unveiled J-Cruise II open-face at the IMS Long Beach show. Directly descended from the original J-Cruise, it’s loaded with small changes that might not be immediately visually noticeable, but should greatly improve function.

Probably the biggest change is the re-shaped shell. It’s supposed to be more aerodynamic, which in turn reduces drag and side-to-side yaw. It’s also supposed to be more quiet, due to the new shape. Shoei sells the J-Cruise II in four different shell sizes, allowing you to match the helmet as closely as possible to your head for minimal weight.

The new shell should be considerably more aerodynamic. Photo: Zac Kurylyk

Shoei re-redesigned both the face shield and the internal sun shield; they both have more material at the bottom now, for more facial protection. They’re distortion-free, and block 99 per cent of UV rays. The external clear face shield is compatible with the Pinlock Evo system. The opening system for the internal sunshield has been updated as well.

The J-Cruise II has an EPS liner, and owners can customize the fit with the peel-away cheekpads. The helmet is compatible with Sena SRL and SRL2 comms systems, which will fit into the lining, with the padding designed to work around the comm set. This way, riders don’t have to have an external clamp-on or stick-on communications set on the side of the helmet. In turn, this should reduce wind noise.

A quick-close ratchet chinstrap should make it easy to get the helmet on and off, without fussing with D-ring closure. There is a single D-ring on the helmet simply for the purpose of locking the helmet to your bike.

The new J-Cruise II has a ratchet quick-close system. It’s DOT 218-certified, comes in five colors, and has a US MSRP of $549. you are curious about fit.

Although the open-face helmet isn’t everyone’s choice, it does have its fans in the ADV community. For fans of Shoei’s Hornet X2 adventure helmet, there’s also an update coming there; Shoei is now making a photochromatic face shield for the Hornet, which will automatically dark or lighten, depending on the brightness of the sun. It should be available at the start of next month, for about $210 US.

Shoei didn’t have one at the booth yet, but it’s going to have a photochromatic visor for this Hornet X2 adventure helmet.

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