What’s riding in Europe like? Fun, obviously. It’s such a diverse (but borderless!) continent that you can experience a number of different cultures, cuisines, roads and landscapes in the same amount of time it takes you to ride from Phoenix to New York.

Here’s some stuff to keep in mind before you go.

Word on weather

The weather in Europe is as variable as the cultures across the continent. In the North, you have full four seasons, and winter or late fall in Finland or Lithuania is not the best time to go riding. In the South, weather is mostly pleasant all year round, especialy in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Road etiquette

Germans and Austrians take speed limits very seriously, Italians will be puzzled if you don’t split lanes, and the English will be amused seeing you trying to figure out the roundabout system. All in all, though, just be courteous, don’t speed, wave to other riders (in England, you give them a nod), and never, ever go out riding without your helmet on.

Fuel cost

Fuel prices vary a lot across different countries throughout the continent. Some countries will have higher rates and others will have cheap petrol rates. Currently, countries having high fuel prices are Norway, Iceland, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, and Greece (as in, 1.6 – 2 US dollars per liter. That’s right, per liter, not gallon). Hungary, Romania, and Poland have comparatively low fuel prices. For an exact quote, just Google “fuel prices in country X” and plan accordingly.

Bike rent

Much like fuel prices, bike rentals will vary a lot. Generally, the main factor is the duration for which you are renting. The longer the renting duration, the lower will be the price.

Motorcycle rent in Europe starts from $110 to $220 per day, depending on the make and model of the bike and the country you’re looking at. For a 3-6 day trip, it ranges from $80 to $190 per day. For a 7-13 days trip, it goes down to $65-$120 a day.

For best prices, check places like Croatia, Poland, Romania, and Portugal.

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