In the wake of the terrible crash that killed 7 motorcyclists in NH recently, it came to light that the offender already had several motor vehicle convictions and charges.   The driver, a Massachusetts resident, should have had his license suspended, but the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles failed to do so.

This poll asks you whether a person’s operators license (for any vehicle) should be immediately suspended in all states upon the following conditions:

  1. They fail to appear in court,
  2. Refuse to take a test to judge sobriety (field or scientific)
  3. If convicted, fail to pay their fines (or make and maintain a payment plan)
  4. They fail to follow through with any court order (e.g. alcohol program, safety program etc).

(Note: Poll results are given to you immediately after you make a choice. The yellow bar identifies your choice.  At the end of each bar, the percentage of times that each choice was chosen is shown. If you miss seeing the results, simply go back and click on the poll again. Your choice, as well as the percentages for all choices, will be shown again.)

Make a selection and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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