The majority will answer no!

The majority will also have lots of photos of their bike in this and that location, but rarely themselves, almost seemingly not to be there or too aloof to have photos of themselves or camera shy.

There are a few options for carrying a tripod that will not take up too much space that maybe you hadn’t considered.

  1. The most simple (and not a tripod at all) is a Cairn, yep a pile of rocks!

Stick your camera on the top, set the timer and jump in front and be in your photos. These are all over the place in some of the most photogenic area, premade for you by helpful backpackers!


2. Buy yourself an antique. I carry a 1960’s German exceptionally well made Bilora tripod, extendable to around 3 1/2 feet, made of aluminum, measures 12″x 1″ packed and weight 11.2 oz, came in a leather carrying case and found it on eBay for $29 shipped.

This is not a cheap version, there are lots of modern-day copies of this for around the same price, go searching flea markets, antique stalls or eBay to find the original

It has a ball head so your camera can be oriented portrait or landscape


3. Ultra-Pod 2 cost around $16, is made to hold bigger DSLR’s with big lenses.


It has a ball head so the camera can also be oriented to any position. For added height, if required and a built-in velcro strap so it can be secure to lots of objects to have varying angles


options 2 and 3 will fit in most medium and larger tank bags, and you won’t even notice the weight, #3 weighs 4.2 oz.

You never know when you’ll be in that place to take shots of amazing fireworks, milky way night time shots…or YOU!



There is also a similar discussion on Baldy other site Cake, if you haven’t ventured over there, go take a look and join in on a few of the conversations

if you are new around here and not sure who Baldy is, this might help


All photos were taken by me!

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