Let’s face it. Sometimes your “adventure travel” can become a bit mundane. You find yourself riding on a well-known route that many people have ridden in the past. Perhaps you’re on pavement more than you would like to be. People speak the same language as you and you find yourself becoming a bit bored.

So when things get a little less than spectacular, you might want to dream up a few ways to spice things up a bit. During those times, I’ve taken to looking for interesting signs. I’ll admit it’s a silly little enterprise. But seeing those signs can also bring back memories of your travels, sometimes even better than a picture of scenery or a person.

Signs can get you lost and take you to amazing places at the same time. They can provide warnings, intentional humor, be misspelled, or just plain wrong. But they can make what could be a mundane trip into a more humorous or exciting one.

On your next trip, give it a try and don’t forget to take a picture of the sign. It will give you memories for years to come. Below is a sampling of some of the signs passed in my travels.

Where are you?

First, here are some signs that help remember the places that you visit.

Warning Signs

You will find warning signs as well.  Some are crystal clear, others, not so much.

“Funny” signs.

Some signs you come across are just plain funny.  Funny as in “ha ha” and funny as in strange.

So when you are out and about, even in the not so exotic places, check out the signs around you. It just might make your journey a little more memorable.

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