The Silk Way Rally is back for 2021—or at least, that’s what it looks like. Officials seem confident they can run this year’s rally, as they’ve opened registration.

The Silk Way Rally was scheduled to travel through Russia, China, and Kazakhstan in 2020, and then only through Russia, as the coronavirus pandemic prevented the Mongolian leg. And then, it was canceled altogether, like all the other fun things in 2020. Thanks, COVID-19.

Now, the real world is cautiously re-opening, and so is the race world. The Silk Way Rally is back on for 2021, scheduled for July 1-11. Once again, its planned route goes through Russia, then Mongolia. China is not on the schedule this year. The race starts in the Siberian town of Omsk, and will cover about 5,000 miles, from what we’ve seen; about half of that distance is specials.

Like the 2019 edition, the 2021 edition will be open to motorcycles.

Remember, before 2019, the Silk Way was for trucks and cars. When it opened to bikes in 2019, Sam Sunderland won the race’s first-ever motorcycle trophy, with Andrew Short second, and Adrien Van Beveren third.

Motorcycle entries were the new twist for 2019; for 2021, the rally is on another quest; this time, organizers are looking for more vehicles that run on alternative fuels like natural gas, hydrogen or propane, offering them incentives to enter. The rally also offers discounted entry fees to all-female teams, or teams with both pilot and co-pilot under the age of 30. Looks like they’re hungry to attract new customers!

You can follow the Silk Way website (find it here) to keep abreast of updates, but it’s a little clunky. If any big news comes down, we’ll pass it along to you.


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