Put this one down as high-tech, kind of weird, and cool at the same time.  Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) is issuing a tender for the trial of a fully automated Intelligent Driving Circuit (IDC) that will use high tech to test motorcycle license applicants.  Ultimately, they hope that the IDC will replace the current motorcycle test method which requires a human assessor.

According to the tender’s documents, the trial will use selected Class 2, 2A, and 2B motorcycles (over 400cc, between 201cc and 400cc, under 200cc respectively).

IDC Sensors and cameras

Offerors must supply two motorcycles that use analytical equipment such as sensors and cameras.  Those sensors must then collect data about the motorcycle rider’s performance at a specified test circuit.

The tender also identifies the riding errors that the automated testing system must be able to detect.  The errors include:

  1. Failing to attain a minimum speed of 30 km/h for Class 2B motorcycles and 40 km/h for Class 2 and 2A motorcycles before executing an emergency stop,
  2. Failing to look straight ahead and hold the handlebar firmly with both hands,
  3. Failure to grip the fuel tank with both knees,
  4. Applying insufficient braking force,
  5. Applying the clutch before braking,
  6. Brakes applied too early,
  7. Failing to close the throttle to make use of engine braking,
  8. Failing to apply the front and rear brakes together.

In addition to these errors, a rider will fail the riding test immediately if the system detects:

  1. Taking more than the required distance to stop the motorcycle on a wet surface,
  2. Falling off the motorcycle, and
  3. Causing the motorcycle to lean over by more than 45 degrees.

IDC Accuracy

To be considered, the offeror’s system must be at least 80 percent accurate in detecting and highlighting these errors before it is accepted for further evaluation.

To be eligible for full implementation, the system must be 100% accurate in detecting the identified errors.  It must also indicate demerit points awarded and why, as well as automatically calculate the total demerit points and whether the applicant passed or failed the test.

Trials for the new IDC systems will start in 2021.  Implementation could occur as early as 2023.

Interesting times these.

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