Whether you’re planning a weekend ride or a long expedition to the ends of the world, these six handy items for your next motorcycle trip will make life on the road easier.

Leatherman Bracelet

Almost every single adventure rider I’ve ever met carried a Leatherman knife and tool kit. The Leatherman Bracelet, however, takes it to a whole another level by letting you wear your multitool. It’s light, durable, and can be used for so many different things it’s simply irreplaceable.

Battery Pack

You’re probably charging your stuff off your bike, but what about those times when you’re camping in the wild and don’t want to run your steed on idle just so you could charge your phone? Battery packs have gotten better and better and with this small, compact version, you can have a powerful energy storage option.

Phone Handlebar Mount

Gone are the days when you needed a highly specific GPS unit to get around. Now, with so many useful apps and online maps available, your phone can be a great navigation aid. Get one of these simple phone mounts to have it handy whenever needed.


Dehydration is one of the most common issues on the road, especially during those long days in the saddle riding through deserts. Even with a camelback, you may not be drinking enough, so add a little LyteShow to you water and forget dehydration.

Gas Bag

Know you will be riding through areas with sparse fueling options? Pack a gas bag just in case. It’s almost weightless and packs tiny, but it’ll be a handy gas container for when you need that extra range someplace remote.

Dromedary Bag

Similar to your gas bag, a dromedary bag can be stored away when not needed, but come in very handy when you need extra water for drinking, cooking, or showering. You can also use it as an inflatable pillow – just fill it up with water and get some zzz’s!

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