Remember that weird Long Way Round prep episode, where Ewan and Charley went for “ambush situations” training and drove around in a Land Rover, trying to pay fake bribes to scary looking, gun-toting dudes? And then dodged fake bullets by rolling in the snow?

(minute 20)

I’m a die-hard LWR and LWD fan, but that stuff seemed a tad over the top, even for international movie stars. However, if you’re preparing for a round-the-world journey, there are a few useful skills that can be a lifesaver on the road, wherever you go.

Here are some ideas for skill training for a RTW ride that might help you along.

First Aid

Whether you’re flying solo or traveling with friends, knowing first aid is key to help yourself or others if you get into an accident. Hopefully, you won’t ever have to use your first aid skills! However, it’s better to have this skill and not need it, than need it and not have it. It can quite literally save your or your riding partner’s life.

Basic Mechanics Course

I confess, I’m badly in need for one of those! Maintaining your own motorcycle, being able to change and patch tires and tubes, adjust your chain, change the oil and other liquids, clean your air filter – this basic stuff will save you lots of cash on motorcycle service along the way, prevent breakdowns, and get you out of most unexpected bike troubles.

Off Road Riding Course

If you plan to ride RTW primarily off-road, but you aren’t very confident on dirt just yet, taking a basic two-day off-road riding course with a professional coach can be revolutionary. You don’t need to train for the Dakar, just get the basics down and get more confident on those off-road trails!

A Second Language

If you’re going someplace remote where English isn’t spoken much, learning a little of the local language will help you like nothing else. You do not need to become fluent in five different dialects. All you need is a few basic words and phrases, and you’ll be golden.

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