Sometimes I just want to grab a bike and take off for a ride locally, maybe an hour or two, paved or dirt without thinking about even the smallest amount of luggage. What and where I ride depends on the mood I’m in or what the weather is serving up that day.

I have a small kit that I can swap between bikes and it will cover me for most emergencies, medical or mechanical (not catastrophic).

I already have a dedicated puncture repair kit per bike, depending on if it’s tubed or tubeless.

…but what about other potential issues?

It comes in at a total weight of 2 1/2lbs and will fit under the seat of some bikes, behind the headlight mask on others, or to the rally tower on another.

I prefer not to put it in my hydration pack to reduce the weight on my back.

The bag is a very durable 600 Denier Nylon with silicone lining, I got from MotoPockets the dimensions are 7″x7″x2″ and it’s backed with a velcro hook and loop to hold it in place if need be.

What’s inside?

  • 30-foot tow rope from Speed Strap, nylon strap can create a loop at both ends by simply weaving it through itself and creating a metal-free tow-strap tested to 8600lbs

  • Gerber center drive multi-tool*
  • Motion Pro magnetic nut driver set*

*There is an article coming with a comparison of the MP trail tool and a leatherman vs the above tools. Spoiler alert, the above are lighter and have more functionality surprisingly.

inside that first aid kit is

  • aspirin
  • bandages
  • blister gels
  • wound closures
  • petroleum jelly
  • duct tape
  • baling wire safety pins
  • storm matches
  • space blanket
  • nitrile gloves (I added)
  • antiseptic wipes (I added)
  • Face mask (I added)

If you don’t have a mylar space blanket hidden somewhere on your bike they are worth the $3 or so just for its many uses.

They provide a means to conserve body heat or provide shelter from the rain, snow, or direct sunlight.

The blankets are waterproof and can be used to carry water as well as acting as a very effective emergency signal due to their reflective qualities.

With a little training, they can also be used to fashion a make-shift arm sling amongst other things.

Seattle backpackers came up with 50 uses for a mylar blanket, its worth a read and storing in your memory bank…


and on my back a small hydration pack with my phone, credit card, and PLB



What’s your backup plan if you have a minor emergency, drop them in the comments below?

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