If you are traveling with soft panniers or are considering switching to them, soft motorcycle luggage safety is probably one of your concerns. And sure, hard panniers with locks may look like a safer option, but with a little imagination, securing your soft bags is more than doable. Better yet, some of those safety options will have multiple uses and you’ll be able to keep your bike safe, too!


When it comes to thief-proofing your bags, more often than not it isn’t the actual sturdiness of locks that keeps your stuff safe. It’s the deterrent factor. Panniers that are wrapped in something like PacSafe are a lot less attractive to thieves than those that are left unprotected.

PacSafe is a little unwieldy and can be messy to deal with, but the system is lightweight, effective, and safe.

Lock Straps

If PacSafe feels to bulky, or it’s too hard to access your stuff using the wire nets, see if you can try the lock straps. Made with sturdy inner wire, these straps are dead simple, easy to use, and can be a great way to secure both your panniers and your top bags or duffels. Just don’t forget to lock them and keep the keys safe!

Cable Locks

Cable locks are a little harder and heavier than the lock straps, but the great thing about them is that they have multiple uses. You can use two cable locks to protect your panniers on the go, and when off the bike, cable locks are great for securing your motorcycle. You can use them to lock your bike to another bike, a post, or some other anchor to prevent theft.

What are your favorite ways to thief-proof your soft luggage on the bike? Let me know in the comments below!

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