As many North Americans see their riding season come to a close with November’s arrival, what’s a motorcyclist supposed to do, in these shorter days and longer evenings?

Watch a motorcycle movie, that’s what. The South Jersey Moto Film Festival opens today, and like other festivals from the Rev Sisters, you can watch the films for free, all online.

What’s the festival about?

The South Jersey Moto Film Festival mainly focuses, as the name implies, on motorcycle films, but there’s also a theme of ‘Women in Motorcycling.’ Organizers wanted films by women, about women, or featuring women.

You can see a full list of films at the festival’s website, with 26 listed in total, a combination of features, shorts and ultra-shorts. Some of the titles are familiar from other stops on the motorcycle moto film festival circuit, and some are from newcomers to the scene (particularly the projects from YouTube vloggers). Note that there are several well-known names from adventure rider circles here, including Steph Jeavons,  Kinga Tanajewska and Rosie Gabrielle.

Other ADV content includes the ultra-short Rally for Rangers – Women Ride for Parks, and The REV’IT Women’s ADV Anthology, and a few others all listed here.

The festival runs online November 5-21, all online (Over the past two years, COVID has wreaked havoc with the Rev Sisters’ plans for in-person viewing). Tickets are available here for free.

Who are the Rev Sisters?

The Rev Sisters are behind this project, as well as a couple of other moto film festivals. This all-female team of Liza Miller, Shana Sanderson and Michelle Lamphere met while working on the Women Riders World Relay, and decided to combine their respective skills and talents to work on further moto-centric projects. They’re all keen riders, and these projects are their way of supporting the riding community at large.

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