Mopeds are making somewhat of a comeback.  And Spark Cycleworks, a Brandford, Connecticut company, is rolling out their version of an electrically powered moped on IndieGoGo.  It’s an impressive little machine, and if their claims are valid, it could be an alternative to scooters for urban commuting.

The company, Spark Cycleworks, already produces some very interesting e-bikes in various styles.  They have several different street, off-road, and cruiser models starting at $1,295.  And now, they are branching out into moped production.

Spark is offering two new electric moped models called the Bandit and the Trooper on Indiegogo.  Both bikes are street legal and ready to ride in all 50 states without a motorcycle license.

Spark Cycleworks Bandit

The Spark Cycleworks standard frame Bandit.

Their mopeds come with a host of standard features, including three power programs to meet all 50 state’s guidelines.  The power programs limit speeds to 20, 30, or 35mph as dictated by individual states’ regulations.  Spark also includes turn signals, mirrors, and a horn.  Each machine will also have a DOT VIN should you need/want to register your machine.

The moped’s electric motor provides about 2 bhp (1,490 watts nominal/2,400 watt peak) and 70 lb-ft of torque.  The moped’s 1,176 watt-hour battery provides a range of between 20 and 60 miles depending on the bike’s speed. Spark quotes the following:

Range (miles)

  • 40 – 60 @ 20 MPH
  • 25 – 35 @ 30 MPH
  • 20 – 25 @ 35+ MPH

Charging time from “dead” to full charge is a claimed 4 – 5 hours.  For security, the battery is both lockable and removable.  There is also a separate storage compartment that could house a GPS location device.

Spark Cycleworks Trooper

The “beefier” looking Trooper.

As for its components, both the Bandit and Trooper have seven speeds.  Braking is provided by a hydraulically actuated disc brake setup using 203mm discs both front and rear.  Keeping the ride in contact with the road is an inverted front fork and a dual rear shocks with coil springs.

The mopeds weigh in at a claimed 82 pounds, including its 14-pound battery.  Seat height is 34″ for the Bandit and 36″ for the more utilitarian looking Trooper.

Spark twin headlights moped

Both Spark Cycleworks moped models feature twin headlights.

Spark Cycleworks electric moped

…and dual coil shocks.

Spark Cycleworks electric moped

Both models feature an “electronic display.”

Spark says both bikes are designed to allow them to be customized as well as be easily maintained and repaired.  An example of this is Spark’s decision to use a thumb-operated throttle instead of a twist-grip.  This kind of setup gives a user the ability to add custom grips and swap out handlebars easily.

Indiegogo pricing started at $2,750 for both the Bandit and the Trooper.

UPDATE: Just before this post was scheduled to go live, Spark let us know they reached the funding goal on Indiegogo and have done an internal evaluation on pricing. They are going o be able to lower presale cost for the second production run shipping Holiday 2020. They are asking for a $100 deposit and the bike will sell for $2,595.

For more information, you can check out Sparkcyclework’s website.

All photo credit: Spark Cycleworks

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