Those cheeky chaps behind the lens are at it again, with spy photos of a new Triumph Tiger model hitting the Internet this week. There’s also word of another litre-class model in the works.

You can check out the photo here (shot by pro spy photographer Stefen Baldauf). Supposedly, it shows a new Tiger 800 that doesn’t look that different from the existing model … but it is indeed different. Look at the headlight, for starters. The skidplate is also a skimpy plastic unit, instead of the proper aluminum guard on the current offroad-oriented XCx model, which is what this bike seems to be, judging from its wheels. Motorcyclist magazine (who published the photo) points out the subframe, long a bugbear for Triumph Tiger owners, seems to be new, along with the bike’s frame. Some bodywork has been altered, and you can see some new plumbing coming off the right-hand exhaust header.

That plumbing is likely the key to understanding why Triumph would even be considering a new Tiger 800 series. The reality is, we’re likely going to see a succession of similar updates from all the Euro manufacturers in the years to come, as ever-tightening emissions regulations require constant tweaks to motorcycle engines and their intake and exhaust systems. Without the market strength to develop an all-new model, the OEMs will just re-mix the current formula, just like how your favorite classic rock star will drop a “remastered” album when they run out of good song ideas.

For further speculation on the bike’s changes, check out the thoughts on Motorcyclist. Motorcyclist is also reporting spottings of a new Tiger 1000, which would slot into the lineup between the 800 and 1200, just as the 1090 fits between KTM’s 790 Adventure and 1290 series.

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