Electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero Motorcycles is apparently working on a fully faired electric motorcycle.  A spy shot of a bike stopped at an intersection has emerged.  Asphalt and Rubber, says the picture is a fully faired Zero motorcycle.

The picture is a bit grainy, but it does indeed resemble a dressed up Zero SR/F.  Aside from the full fairing, the photo shows the machine with swoopy dual panniers and a tallish windshield.

There are differing points of conjecture why Zero may have embarked on a fully faired model.  One of the more obvious points is that a faired motorcycle has less aerodynamic drag than an unfaired one.  If the bike has less drag, one can reasonably assume that the battery charge range would increase.  But how much?

It would seem that it would help considerably at highway speeds.  Highway range is one of the electric motorcycle’s sore spots.  If a faired version can up the ante here, they have helped reduce their highway range issue.

Others think the bike represents Zero’s desire to have a non-naked bike option.  All of the current Zero bikes are naked versions except for the newly released Zero DS/DSR Black Forest model.  That bike comes with a small windshield and is available only in limited quantities in the US.  Zero touts the Black Forest as an adventure machine and comes with dual sport oriented tires.

Having a fully faired model would provide Zero with the ability to offer something other than a naked machine.  And, longer range, perhaps a sports bike.

If there’s one fly in the ointment, it could be cooling.  The SR/F has a passively cooled motor, battery, and controller.  Can they ensure that those components get sufficient cooling air?

Tell us what you think about a fully-faired SR/F in the comments below.

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