A virtually undisguised Triumph prototype was spotted being tested in Europe recently, pointing to the distinct possibility of a Tiger 1200 redesign for 2021. Just in time to meet new Euro 5 emissions standards, the new model features a new frame and subframe, swingarm, tank, and bodywork.

With spoked wheels and a large skid plate, this prototype appears to be in line with the XCX and XCA models of the Tiger, which recently spawned a new Desert Edition spec. The skinny front wheel and tire combo looks to be a 21″, and gold forks and remote reservoirs in the rear could conceivably be Öhlins.

Öhlins or Faux-lins, the rear shock mounts to a double-sided swingarm, instead of the single-sided swinger of the current model. Frame tubes  also differ in configuration to the current model, appear more braced, and the subframe is a bolt-on affair, better for crash repairs.

The tank and bodywork, especially, look slimmed-down, with a less pronounced hump in the tank, and side panels that look more pulled back. The headlights are smaller, as well, with less bodywork around them.

With only the spy shots to go by, engine details are non-existent, but it would not be a long shot to suggest the new model will have more power, less emissions, better fuel economy, or at least some of the above. An increase in displacement would also follow recent Triumph model updates.

Allowing a prototype to parade around public roads without camouflage seems to indicate that the model is close to production status, in which case we can expect to see an official unveiling sometime in the fall at the very latest.

Sources: motorcyclistonline.com, rideapart.com

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