Seems it wasn’t that long ago that Triumph unveiled its new Tiger 1200 Alpine Edition and Desert Edition, but as suspected at the time, those are only hold-over models, meant to keep buyers happy while they wait for the next great 1200. It seems that bike is indeed on the way, and development is pretty far along.

This week, UK mag MoreBikes ran photos of what it claims is a new Tiger 1200, out testing on a “secret road route.” It actually appears to be the same place those supposed Tiger 1000 spy shots came from last fall. The spy shot industry is super-sketchy, and for that reason, we won’t run the photos here, but you can check them out at MoreBikes.

What do the photos supposedly reveal? It seems the bike’s had a considerable going-over, with the MoreBikes story listing all the changes and supposed changes seen in the photos. It’s much more than a disinterested re-modeling, which was mostly what the Alpine Edition and Desert Edition were. There’s a new swingarm, new shaft drive, new skid plate, new tank, the engine’s been re-designed, and so on.

Given that this is an Intermot year, you can likely expect this machine to be unveiled at the German show in October, or in the weeks leading up in September. The OEMs seem much more reluctant to spend the big bucks on a show reveal these days, especially Triumph, and given the reach of the Internet, you can’t blame them. Pricing will almost certainly be higher, not just due to the re-design, but also due to updated electronics.

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