After decades of building performance parts for Harley-Davidson, Victory and Indian, S&S has its eyes on a new market: made-in-India Royal Enfield machines.

Specifically, S&S is now selling upgrades for Royal Enfield’s new 650 cc parallel twin line, the Continental GT cafe racer and the Interceptor standard bike.

The new product line includes an 865 cc big bore kit or a 750 cc big bore kit (with almost identical price tags, at $634.95 for the 865 kit, and $630.95 for the 750 kit). S&S is also selling a less-expensive 11:1 high compression piston kit, for $492.95, which will also save you money as you won’t have to bore out the top end.

To go with the engine upgrades, S&S is also selling a performance exhaust system, improved clutch and intake parts,  and a high-performance cam. There’s also a handlebar adjustment kit.

Of course, since the Continental GT and Interceptor are both fuel-injected, you’ll also require a Power Commander to handle the revised fuel tuning after messing with your engine and airflow, and S&S is selling one that’s configured for the Royal Enfield machines. It’ll set you back $399.95.

All good, you say, but neither of those are adventure bikes. What about the Himalayan?

For now, S&S doesn’t list any parts for the Himalayan, although we wouldn’t be shocked if that changed. And we also wouldn’t be shocked if Royal Enfield was selling some sort of scramblerized 650 twin soon, if not a full-on adventure bike.

Why the abrupt shift for S&S, whose target market has long been owners of big-dollar cruisers? Simple. Royal Enfield might not be a popular brand in North America these days, but it’s selling an absolute pile of motorcycles just about everywhere else, especially in developing markets. S&S doesn’t need a weatherman to know what way the wind blows, and no doubt figured it might as well be one of the first companies to start hopping up these 650s, building the market as they go along.

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